3 Ways To Increase Your Athletic Ability

3 Ways To Increase Your Athletic Ability


We all have different fitness goals; you may be exercising daily to burn body fat or add more muscle, while some other person may be doing it to just improve their well-being. However, regardless of what the goal may be, the easiest way to achieve fitness is by increasing your athletic ability.

Increasing your athletic ability can be beneficial in a lot of ways. It doesn’t only show you how to create a better physique or improve your performance in sports and athletics, it also helps you increase your body’s ability to manage stress and the challenges of everyday life.

Lots of studies have proven that people who are more athletic tend to have better health than those who aren’t. Athleticism strengthens your immune system and increases your ability to manage mental stress and face difficult challenges.

Let’s take a look at some exercises that can help you increase your athletic ability. Make sure you include them in your work out routine, for more effective results.

  • Aerobic Cardiovascular Exercises

Currently, aerobic exercises are no longer in vogue because high-intensity work out techniques have taken over. Although high-intensity exercises are great, the need for aerobic exercises cannot be overemphasized. After all, your aerobic system is the reason why you can engage in a physical activity for over a period of time, without getting tired.

To increase your athletic ability you need to spend at least 20 minutes, twice in a week, doing a type of aerobic exercise. For instance, you can ride a bike, go on a jog, use a skip rope, or go on a long hike. Your priority should be to spend time in the aerobic range (120-150 beats per minute) and make your heart and cardiovascular system stronger.


  • Build Your Strength To A Satisfactory Level

Most people don’t like lifting heavy weights because they fear it’d make them grow too big. It’s important to note that athleticism involves your ability to use the strength you have; if you don’t have any strength, you’re not athletic.

While working out, your priority should be to create strength standards in basic exercises like goblet squats, kettlebell deadlifts and push-ups. When you engage in these joint-friendly exercises, you end up improving your strength and range of motion as well.  

Try to increase the amount of weight you can use for a smaller amount of reps. This will help you build more muscle and also burn lots of calories.


  • Improve Your Mobility

If you can easily bench press 200 rounds but find it difficult to bend over and lace your shoes, you’re not athletic. It simply means that you’ve paid too much attention to one aspect of fitness and ignored another important one – over time, this could cause more harm than good.

Having better mobility doesn’t mean being able to do splits; it means having enough power to move your body, muscles, and joints through a healthy range of movements. Therefore, if you’re having restrictions, it simply means that something is restraining your natural movement, and that could make you more vulnerable to injuries.

Before you begin a workout session, get on a foam roller and perform lots of mobility exercises to relax your joints, warm your muscles and brace your body for exercise. For more effective results, try performing the same type of mobility exercises every morning – you’ll notice the difference within a short period and feel a lot more better.

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