Anxiety Can Affect Your Daily Workouts

Anxiety Can Affect Your Daily Workouts


The level of stress and anxiety in the world right now is at an all-time high. The reason is quite obvious – the global pandemic have got people worrying about their health and the safety of family and friends, especially those who are more susceptible to the virus.

Some people are reluctant to engage in daily activities or even perform basic tasks at home. There seems to be some form of stress attached to everything we do now: If we want to hang out with friends, we have to worry about where to meet up; when we are at work, we worry about losing our job, when we go shopping, we worry about contracting the virus. A combination of all these misgivings lead to anxiety, which can be hardly detected.

Anxiety pops up at different times of our lives, and one of those moments is during workout sessions. Anxiety can affect your fitness efforts in ways you may not expect. However, with the right adjustments in your workouts, you can learn to mange anxiety. In fact, exercising can help you overcome anxiety. If you create a workout routine and stick to it, your anxiety levels will drop and you’ll be able to sleep better – this makes you recover faster.  According to Kia Khadem, a clinical exercise physiologist, nutritionist and online personal trainer, exercise makes you feel great about yourself, decreases muscle stress and helps your mind wander off the things that make you anxious.

Here’s how to choose a workout routine that will help with your anxiety.

  1. Perform Exercises That You Truly Like

If you’re dealing with anxiety, it is advisable that you for go for fitness activities that you enjoy doing. Working out should be able to make you forget about stress and anxiety, and in a fun-filled way. Certain people may choose to preform HIIT thrice a week, while others may prefer to do yoga six times in a week – it all boils down to personal preference.

  1. Perform A Bit Of Cardio Exercises

Lots of researches and studies have revealed that aerobic exercises help to combat anxiety. You can go for running, biking, swimming or any other one you prefer. No matter what activity you choose, the goal is to increase your heart rate in a way that feels satisfactory to you. We all respond differently to different exercise intensities.

  1. Do Exercises That Focus On Mind-Body Connection

Performing yoga and other mindfulness-related exercises can help you become less anxious. These activities lower your anxiety by making you focus on the present.

  1. Take It One Step At A Time

As a person dealing with anxiety, you may find it difficult to start or continue with your workouts. If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is: take it one step at a time. Don’t back out, just move at a comfortable pace. With time, you’ll notice the anxiety decreasing, and you’ll be more confident during workout sessions.

If you are dealing exercise-related anxiety, you can also get assistance from a personal trainer or therapist.


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