What are you waiting for? A lot of people are preparing for New Years 2020 to start their fitness journey, but why wait. The best part about part of this is the journey, it's different for everyone! Plus, you'll be way ahead of the New Years 2020 crowd and well on your way to your personal goals. We put together a few tips on getting started so you can find the new you this New Years!
     Getting started is the hardest, so to make the transition a little easier what time works best for you to get an effective workout in? Some people like to train in the mornings and others when they get off work, no matter what time you choose, pick a time that you can get a good 30-45 min workout in uninterrupted. To get the results you desire, consistency is key. Getting a workout in 3-5 times a week will be best no matter what you're goals are. If you want to lose weight, build muscle, slim down, bulk up, no matter what those goals are, consistency is always key. 
     Now you need to fuel yourself, this is actually more important than going to the gym. Eating healthier and choosing foods that have nutritional value will increase your chances at burning fat more efficiently, which means you will lose weight faster. Everyone gets scared when the word diet or eating healthy is brought up, but really you can eat healthier foods for about what you currently are spending on groceries. So the myth that eating better is cost more is untrue. The biggest changes are consuming less processed foods and more actual real food. You've heard this too, stay away from the fried foods! That too is huge no no, not only does this increase you bad cholesterol it also is full of massive amounts of bad calories. Just remember this rule of thumb, the cleaner you eat the faster is falls off, a simple way to look at eating healthy.
     Last tip but one of the most important tips you'll ever get, preparation. The more you can prepare yourself for the next day, the higher chances of success towards your goals. Take a day to just meal prep for the week, you would be surprised how this will take your goals to the next level. Don't think about how many different meals you need to make for each day, think about bulk cooking for a week and changing your bulk cooking each week, I know you may have to eat the same thing for a week straight so this is the time to figure out what you like the most and cook a healthier version of that. And lastly your schedule, just make sure your schedule for the gym allows you time to focus on you. So think about upcoming appointments or anything that might keep you from having 30-35 mins uninterrupted, remember this journey is about you, so take advantage of having that time to work toward a better you. 

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