SARMs Control Act of 2019

SARMs Control Act of 2019

Hundreds have emailed, so here’s what we know so far …There is one new law that has already passed in China and a bill that was introduced here in the US to make SARMs a controlled, Schedule III, drug. 

Yes, both new laws are real… and it’s not looking good.


1) New China Export Laws (most immediate issue)

On Nov. 18 2019, China introduced new laws banning production and export of SARMs. These laws go into effect Jan, 1, 2020. No SARMs will be exported out of China as of Dec. 25, 2019. China is the only source that produces at scale.

We expect:

  • Global shortages within the next few months (including us)
  • Significant price increases across the industry as supplies decrease (including us)
  • Lesser quality/”watering down” of product from some sellers (NOT including us)
  • Non-Chinese labs will begin producing SARMs … however read #2 …

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2) U.S. 2019 SARMs Control Act (most important issue)

One day later, on Nov. 19 2019, the U.S. reintroduced the SARMs Control Act, this time fixing issues with the 2018 version. When the bill passes SARMs will join steroids as Schedule III controlled substances, making their sale illegal.

We expect:

  • Passage of the bill sometime during 2020, probably sooner than later
  • Acquiring SARMs will become difficult-to-impossible for buyers and sellers
  • US-based sellers will discontinue selling SARMs when stock runs out or when the bill becomes law, whichever comes first (we have already done this so we can usher in the new era of products that you currently see on our page)



What does it all mean?

We here at MedFit Labs saw this day coming and have been doing R&D on natural replacement products that will usher in a new era of performance enhancing dietary supplements that are NOT in the grey area or that push the boundaries of legalities. Our new product lineup is innovating the industry and allowing us to lead the way into a new category of product. We will continue to do our research and develop new products that are science based, highest quality and most importantly - WORK! 

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